I started performing with a group called magic a few years ago and I've performed with the greatest lipsnyc entertainer there is Rasta Boi Punany a couple years back in maryland and he inspired me to continue this journey. I am honored to be in this position with and about positive minded people. 

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don't for the >t< in lgbtQ.

Southern New Jersey LGBTQ Pride New Jersey LGBT Support Never be afraid to be yourself. Southern New Jersey LGBTQ Pride New Jersey LGBT Gay Pride

What is gay pride? Why do we celebrate it?

Gay pride, LGBTQA pride or simply pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to promote their self-affirmation, increase their visibility as a social group, build community and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Each year the Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride Committee takes this time to educate our community on prominent issues within the community. The concentration of the Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride Committee is anti-bullying. 

Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride

Ginger Alley a 6'3" larger than life fashion Diva Vixen. Born in Runnemede, NJ with duel residency in Collingswood, NJ and Southampton, PA. Ginger has a preternatural understanding of style and concepts of fashion. One cannot bound Ginger Alley with any stylistic stereotypes. Ginger never fails to surprise & delight with her personality, looks, and her high standards of work.

Ginger drag career started in 1991 in New Hope, PA . After studying and learning the art she quickly blossomed into a fixture of the Philadelphia drag scene. She holds a few titles, the latest Miss Philadelphia 2014 and is a monthly cast member of the longest running drag show in Philadelphia at Bob n Barbara's. Ginger has been invited to perform in numerous locations including CT, NYC , DE, NJ,  New Orleans and all over the state of Florida and the Keys.
Ginger's work encapsulates the boundless nature of drag as the seemingly simple act of a man putting on a dress is transferred into fine art.

Southern New Jersey LGBTA and allies Pride is a grass-root organization that promotes equality, respect, and awareness of causes important to the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-gender and questioning community of Southern New Jersey and surrounding area. We come together every September for a weekend of events, forums, and workshops in a safe and comfortable environment for our supporters to come together as one. One most notable contribution to this community would be our "Pride Picnic" festival, which brings Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia's LGBTQ community together proving there is a LGBTQ community in Southern New Jersey...No matter what you've heard.

​​Pride  in the Park    |    Sunday, September 10 , 2017

 12-6pm @ Cooper River Park, Cherry Hill, NJ