​​Pride  in the Park    |    Sunday, September 9 , 2018

 12-6pm @ Cooper River Park, Cherry Hill, NJ

Southern New Jersey Lgbtq Pride in Cherry Hill

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“In the Lyfe Newsletter where everything is gay!”. In the Lyfe Newsletter was established in 2008 and at that time was distributed to less than 20 people. Presently, In the Lyfe is received bi-monthly internationally to over 5,000 people! In the Lyfe offers Southern New Jersey LGBTQ Pride New Jersey LGBT Support ++ gay news, singles and want ads, volunteer opportunities, and cultural events, plus supplementary information; all delivered confidentially to the recipient’s home or business completely free! Individuals interested in receiving In the Lyfe Newsletter may sign-up below! Want to advertise your business or event? Single Ad? Engagement or married announcement? Email snjgaypride@gmail.com and reference In the Lyfe Ad. Don't forget to Like In the Lyfe on Facebook! Daily posts of current LGBT and related news and events. Southern New Jersey LGBT Pride ='s New Jersey LGBT (Gay) Pride! 

What is gay pride? Why do we celebrate it?

Gay pride, LGBTQA pride or simply pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to promote their self-affirmation, increase their visibility as a social group, build community and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Each year the Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride Committee takes this time to educate our community on prominent issues within the community. The concentration of the Southern New Jersey LGBTQA Pride Committee is anti-bullying. 

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