Anti Bullying Video: It Only Takes One

Southern New Jersey 


A mom saw bullies walking up to her disabled daughter. So she goes over and does the unthinkable.

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Pennsylvania Ballet (Youth) Dance Against Bullying
Bullying - Don't Be Such A Nerd
'Be Careful What You Post on Social Media!'

SNJGaYPride Bully Free Zone campaigN Sponsored by

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I promise to help prevent bullying by: speaking up, getting help,and never joining in bullying. I promise to always be friendly and encourage someone being bullied.

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An 11-year-old girl got bullied for playing on the boys' soccer team. So her dad steps in.

Sponsored by Cox Consultant & Management Firm and Comcast:  South Jersey LGBTQA Pride is presenting our third annual Bully Free Zone campaign as a part of this year’s international pride theme, Viva la Vida.  The purpose of this effort is to shed light on various community LGBTQA members who have been bullied and willing to share their stories, encouraging and educating their peers how to overcome and help stop bullying. Our 2017 campaign will begin on September 1st through December 31st and will include, but not limited to:

  • One hour bully prevention, support, and interjection program
  • Bully Free Zone ​posters of young adults belonging to the South Jersey community and local organizations
  • Exclusive newsletters and social medial sharing stories about bullying and how they overcame it
  • ​Video footage of young adults 
  • Awareness and prevention brochure distribution
  • Fundraising and community events 
  • Area schools and community/religious organizations also promote this campaign externally and internally